About us

Ally's first farmers market

Pressing flowers to make one of a kind treasures.

My name is Ally, and I am the shop owner of CAPstudioBoutique. I would like to tell you a little about how I got started with my small business (est. 2021). I remember the first time seeing daisies growing on the side of the road coming from Hurricane Ridge (WA). They were just so beautiful and perfect that I snipped a few and pressed them in my sketchbook. Later down the road I would end up using the pressed flowers to make my sister and I (and mom) some cute dangle daisy earrings. I still wear them to this day.
Every time I see them I think of how amazing it was to preserve something so beautiful for long term enjoyment. Not to mention what a wonderful pop of color they add to my outfits. That is where my passion for pressing flowers and making flower earrings started. I hope to make many more beautiful art pieces for my customers to enjoy. Everyone needs a little element of nature in their lives.